O-ring (washer) is a kind of seals for preventing leaking of liquid and gas. They are in different shapes of cross sections.

Oil seal

Oil seal is a kind of seal which is used for sealing rotating shafts and fluid containing crust in order to prevent leaking of liquid to out of the crust.Oil seals generally are constitute from a compound of rubber, insert metal and spring.


C.V.boots are kind of rubber parts which are used for preventing entrance of dust and suspended particles into system which are covering them, like dust boots of gear wheel (steering box) or axle shaft  of the car.

other products

Toos Rubber Industries (S.O.T) is able to produce many kinds of usable rubber and rubber-metal autoparts in Iran after market.


Valve stem seals are kind of sealing rubber parts which are used according to size for sealing valves of engine of the car.


Packing is a type of sealing similar to a felt bowl, which only consists of rubber components, such as brake packings.